FAT Token

FAT is governance token , FAT Holder will also entitle user to continue to earn a portion of the protocol’s fee


FATFI uses cases

  • Governance : New developments and respective budgets will be proposed via the Fatfi DAO, Fully control by communities , FAT Holder is a shareholders of Fatfi
  • Algorithm Stable Coin : An algorithmic stablecoin system begins life by generating a number of digital tokens, or stablecoins, out of thin air. If the stablecoin trades above $1, then the system automatically creates new stablecoins until the price falls back to $1 .

FAT Economic Model

Token Name FAT
Token Standard ERC-20
Token Type Utility, Governance
Total Token Supply 120,000,000.00
Hard cap($) $852,000.00
Initial Circulating Supply 20.75%
Initial Cap ($) $249,000.00
Private Sale Token Allocation 67% of Total Token Supply
Private Sale Token Price 1 FAT = $0,01
Private Sale Vesting Initial unlock 25%
Vesting 25% every 3 months
Starting from the 3rd month
Public Distribution Allocation 4% of Total Token Supply
Public Distribution Price 1 FAT = $0,01
Public Distribution Vesting Initial unlock 100%
Staking Reward 17% of Total Token Supply
Token Released at TGE Circulating Supply Initial Full Cap ($)
24,900,000.00 20.75% $249,000.00

Token Allocation (%)

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