Fatfi Algorithmic Stablecoin

Financial Services Hub integrated Algorithm Stable Coin decentralized.

What is Fatfi ?

Fatfi is an Algorithmic Stablecoin Pegged to 1 USD .

Fatfi protocol

  • Is an innovative Yield Platform and Financial Services
  • Is the combination of Governance Model with Algorithm Stable Coin
  • Runs on Binance smart chain, powered by Polkadot

Core Product Fatfi

The protocol is designed to expand and contract supply similar to the way central banks trade fiscal debt to stabilize purchasing power, without any rebates or collateral risk.

  • Fat Token is the governance token of Fatfi. FAT offers control over the Fatfi protocol governance, the FAT token community treasury, the protocol fee, and also receive incentives by participating in the platform.
  • Fat Swap is a liquidity protocol that uses Fatfi authentic user interface, with its core liquidity and api calls directly from PancakeSwap
  • Algorithm Stable Coin : An algorithmic stablecoin system begins life by generating a number of digital tokens, or stablecoins, out of thin air. If the stablecoin trades above $1, then the system automatically creates new stablecoins until the price falls back to $1.


  • Concept Creatation and Concept Document
  • Guild to Prototype design
  • Building assets
  • Blockchain research and application of blockchain in DEFI
Market Research
  • UI/UX Design Process
  • Getting Advisory
  • Build FAT Framework & UI/UX Design Process
Build FAT Tokenomics
  • Algorithm Stable Coin Research
  • Build Automated Market Maker
  • White Paper Draft 1
  • Improvements to Website UI/UX
  • FAT Framework and Algorithm Stable Coin Logic Design
Final White Paper
  • Start Developling blockchain and smart contracts
  • Private Sales Completed
  • FAT Smart contracts Completed
  • FATSwap Smart contracts Completed
  • FAT Liquidity Rewards Smart contracts Completed
  • Fatfi Algorithm Stable Coin Smart contracts Completed
Milestone - FAT token created
  • Integrate FAT token into Fatfi Algorithm Stable Coin
  • Rebuild Liquidity Rewards Logic
  • Rebuild Algorithm Logic
  • Public Sales
  • Audited by Certik
  • Fatfi Algorithm Stablecoin TGE
  • FAT Liquidity Rewards Program
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Establishes Fatfi Financial Services Partner
More Liquidity
  • Deployed with strategic Partners
  • Milestone: Powered by Polkadot
  • Focus on developing and improving user experience on Polkadot

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